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Manny Diaz is planning on "dramatic" changes to Miami's offense

With official word of Dan Enos' dismissal coming just after being shut out by Louisiana Tech in their bowl game last week, Manny Diaz has been on the hunt for an offensive coordinator to come in and shake things up.

According to what Diaz shared with the Miami Herald, he's looking for someone to come in and make "dramatic" changes to how they look and operate offensively.

Diaz shares that he's spoken with seven or eight guys so far at the college and NFL level trying to find the candidate with the style of offense that he's looking for. So, what is it he's looking for?

"We're going to get the tempo jacked up here. We’re going to start to spread the ball out and get the ball to our athletes in space and do something here that hasn’t been done and people have not seen."

Acknowledging that there are certainly different types of spread offenses, Diaz notes that he's looking at the type of style that is dominant among the Top 25 programs.

With Enos as the only offensive staff change thus far, Diaz also shared that once they have their new offensive coordinator he'll take a look at the coaches he currently has on staff and evaluate what needs to be done to accommodate the right fit.

"There’s no wonder scheme that solves all equations. However, there are better ways to utilize your personnel and get things going and that’s what you’re seeing now in college football and that’s what we’re going to model ourselves after as well.”

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