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How many schools reached the postseason in college football, basketball and baseball?

It's Memorial Day, which means it's time for the annual college sports tradition (for nerds like me): Selection Monday in college baseball.

Oregon State earned the top overall seed, but we're more interested in how this relates to football. And it doesn't, except for the continuation of this, where we can now track which Division I programs reached the postseason in each of the Big 3 men's sports.

As you'll see below, the list is comprised entirely of Power 5 schools. It's really hard to be good in all three sports, and downright impossible if you don't have multiple mulligans in the form of at-large bids that the Power 5 enjoys.

Here's the list:

ACC (4)
Florida State
North Carolina
Wake Forest

Big Ten (2)

Big 12 (3)
Oklahoma State
West Virginia

Pac-12 (0)

SEC (4)

The ACC and SEC shared the title for the most overall triple-dipping teams, but the Big 12 actually wins on a per-capita basis, with their 30 percent edging out the ACC and SEC's 28.6 percent.

Of course, the ACC has taken home championships in football (Clemson) and basketball (North Carolina) and all four of its triple-dipping baseball representatives are hosting their own regionals. If an ACC team wins the College World Series, John Swofford's league will be the first conference to claim the Big 3 national championships in the same academic year since the Pac-8 (USC in football and baseball, UCLA in basketball) did it all the way back in 1972-73.