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Map: 2018-19 High School Head Coaching Changes

This off season, we're going to try to track every high school head coaching change in America, and pin them to the map below. We're doing the same with all the NFL and college head coaching changes.

The map is a representation of schools that have made a head coaching change, and that have been reported on the High School Scoop page. The location will remain pinned even after a new head coach is named so we can illustrate the full scope of coaching changes across high school football nationally, and you should be able to click a pin and find a link that will take you to that school's corresponding date on HS Scoop.

As the coaching carousel begins to speed up, and then slow down, this will be an interesting page to keep track of for a visual representation of coaching changes in our profession.

Please be patient as we bring the map up to date with the changes we have so far, and if you notice one in your area, or state, not represented on the map, please notify us on Twitter via @CoachSamz or @FootballScoop, or via email at