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Map of every college football stadium where you can buy beer


If you're not coaching, few things are better on a Saturday than an ice cold adult beverage and some football.

Over the past few seasons, in an effort to entice fans off their couches and away from their high definition TV sets, a number of college athletic departments have sorted through all kinds of red tape to give fans the ability to buy a beer during the game. In fact, according to Saturday Down South, the number of schools selling alcohol at games has more than doubled over the past six years.

Now, thanks to, we have a full list of college football venues where you can buy a frosty beverage, split into two groups; on campus, and off campus stadiums.

From the looks of it, Texas leads all states with six, (North Texas, SMU, Texas, Houston, UTEP and UTSA), and Ohio (Kent State, Bowling Green, Akron, Toledo, and Cincinnati) is close behind with five as the two states with the most college venues selling beers at games.

Expect this list to grow over the next few years.