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Mark Dantonio endures awful radio interview, hangs up

Mark Dantonio popped on Fox Sports Radio this morning and sat through 2 minutes and 52 seconds of what had to be the worst interview in the history of sports radio. Or at least the worst interview today. One of the two.

Hosts Mike North and Andy Furman either didn't research Dantonio at all, or stopped whatever research they did before the 2015 season. The questions:

- "Does Jim Harbaugh ever bother you?"

- "Why wasn't Connor Cook elected team captain before the 2015 season?"

- "Do you know Tom Izzo?"

- "Do you get tired of being overlooked nationally?" What went unsaid was the closer to that question: ".... by lazy media members like us?"

- And, finally, "Got any injuries this year?"

Dantonio didn't hear the last question. Because he hung up. As he should have.

Hopefully Dantonio conducted the interview on his office phone, giving him the chance to slam the receiver against his desk a few times. Cell phones are really lacking in that regard.

Listen for yourself here:

(HT MLive)