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Mark Dantonio goes on epic rant: "We shoved it up their..."


Mark Dantonio is one of those stoic major college coaches that rarely breaks character in front of the cameras. You always know what to expect, unless the cameras happen to catch him dancing in the locker room after a big win.

But at his press conference after their win over Michigan, the proverbial pot started to boil over a touch.

To start off, Michigan came out on the field and planted a stake on Sparty's turf, and leading up to the game there was plenty of "little brother" talk apparently coming from the direction of Ann Arbor.

So with about a minute to play and a 17 point lead, Dantonio had the choice to kick a field goal or throw some salt in the gaping wound and score a touchdown. They punched one in to widen the margin of victory and when Dantonio was asked about the decision at the post game presser, he was anything but apologetic.

"You might as well come out and say what you're really feeling at some point in time, because I can only be diplomatic for so long," Dantonio responded.

"The 'little brother stuff,' all the didn't have to go in that direction. We tried to handle ourselves with composure, and that doesn't come from the coach, it comes from the program."

"You know, throwing the stake down in our back yard out here, coming out here like they're all that it got shoved up their...up their...shoved got shoved the last minute and a half, and we're not going to pull off of that."

"I was going to line up and kick a field goal, but that wasn't the M.O. but if our guys could get it in, we were going to get it in."

This is one of those rants that fans of both sides will remember for years to come.