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Mark Dantonio: "You're ultimately defined by how you handle problems"

The past 12 months have been a trying time for the Michigan State football program, and campus community as a whole with ongoing investigations.

While on a speaking engagement in Detroit, one fan stood up and commended Mark Dantonio for both how he has handled the Spartans slide to 3-9 last season, as well as how he's handled the very public investigation of those involved in his program that looms over his program.

Dantonio then responded with a quote that all coaches should take note of, and his words apply to on-the-field issues just as much as off season and off-the-field problems.

"All of us have problems, all of us are going to go through some times in our lives. You're going to ultimately be defined by how you handle problems. You are. It's the nature of life," Dantonio shared, according to MLive.

He's absolutely right. Reflect on the past year or two of college football, and you immediately think of a number of coaches who have had their legacy defined by how they chose to handle issues. The lesson goes for life as well, and is something that can be passed on to your players.

When problems arise, your decision on how to handle them will define you to many, many folks involved in your program, and outside of it. So be sure you approach issues with that in mind.

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