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Mark Helfrich and Mike Riley teamed up for an "Emmy Award worthy" commercial?

Six months ago, over the summer, Mike Riley and Mark Helfrich got together to shoot a regional commercial with Smokey the Bear about "Teaming up to tackle wildfires."

Right on cue, the two sneak in some clever football puns; Riley with a "kickoff your burn early in the day..." and Helfrich's "don't fumble while leaving the burning pile unattended..."

The result of the commercial, which has been airing out West since the beginning of football season, is something that Helfrich is quite proud of, even pointing out to the Oregonian that he is of the belief that his performance was "Emmy Award worthy."

I'm no expert, but I'm not so sure of that one coach.

However, if they're still searching for lead roles for the next season of True Detective, look no further than the state of Oregon's two premier head coaches and their performance here. The on screen chemistry is hard to deny...?

The two coaches will face off in the Civil War rivalry at 8pm EST tomorrow night.