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Mark Richt explains why he doesn't believe in transfer restrictions: "Life is too short"

During his 15 years leading the Georgia program, Mark Richt had a number of players request transfers and end up going to Alabama, Auburn, or a number of other schools.

Right, wrong, or indifferent, coaches who choose to block a player's transfer request to certain programs often get painted in a negative light by fans and the media. Now at Miami, Richt told reporters after practice recently that he's always believed that players who decide to transfer should be able to go wherever they want.

Why? "Life is too short," Richt noted.

"I have unconditionally released every guy that ever wanted to leave, Richt explained to the media yesterday. "I'd call the commissioner [of the conference] and say, 'Hey, if the kid wants to go...let him go wherever he wants to go."

"We had, I think, two kids go to 'Bama. At least one went to Auburn...maybe two."

In a profession where coaches care so much about the players that we work with, it would be great to see more coaches adopt Richt's view on transfers and support the kids no matter what jersey they wear on game day.