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Mark Richt explains how he is using "the blame pie" to refocus his team

Georgia hasn't scored a touchdown in two full football games, and their defensive performances have left something to be desired in big games. Both of those factors have led to rumors about Mark Richt's job security, which have been picking up steam for weeks.

With the Dawgs sitting at 5-3, with games vs. Kentucky, at Auburn, vs. Georgia Southern and at Georgia Tech still on the schedule, Richt was asked yesterday if he talks to the team about the defense needing to play better, or the importance of the offense getting back on track.

"We didn't talk about that specifically. We talk about everybody knowing what the reality is."

"Basically, if you had a pie, and the whole pie is the total blame, well...everyone has got a slice of that pie. Everyone has a slice, even if it's this small, there is something that you could have done to help us win," Richt explained holding his hands up to illustrate a sliver of pie.

"So you focus on that, and everyone else will focus on their piece of the pie. And in your mind, you can think of who's piece of pie is bigger than the other, you can do that if you want..but it's not your job to focus on that."

"It's your job to focus on your issue and what you can do better to help us win. That's your job and that's what we talk about."