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A Massachusetts HS coach is taking a stand and refusing to coach until his player is cleared to play

A high school football coach at Shepherd Hill HS (MA) is taking a stand and has vowed to not take the sideline until one of his players is cleared to play.

According to The Telegram & Gazette, Chris Lindstrom has refused to coach his team until new senior running back Kevin Mensah, who transferred from Holy Name (MA), is cleared to play. Mensah, regarded as one of the best backs in the area, has been able to watch his teammates practice, but has not been able to participate because officials at Holy Name have not signed the proper transfer waiver that was sent over by Shepherd Hill that would clear him to play.

Officials at Holy Name say that they do have the form, but confirm that they still have not signed it.

Shepherd Hill has filed an appeal, and it should be heard in time for Mensah to play later this month, on September 23 - if it's granted. But all that red tape could be avoided if Holy Name would do what is in the best interest of the kid and simple sign the paperwork, allowing him to play at Shepherd Hill.

Until the situation gets sorted out, coach Lindstrom, who has been with the program nearly two decades, is committed to standing by his player.

“If he doesn’t play this week, we’re going to do the same thing. We don’t care about wins and losses. That’s not why we’re doing this. If I sit out to support him, I know our other kids will see that and know I’d do the same thing for them if it needed to be done."

“I’m doing everything I can to help Kevin emotionally. What they’re doing to this young man is despicable in my mind, I don’t care what the rules are, figure it out. It’s crazy to think about what they’re doing. We just want him to be able to play football, and if they decide that one school is better for him than another, I’ll drive him there myself.”

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