Matt Campbell has a great answer for how much preseason practice is needed to play a season

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We're all grasping at straws these days. Even the professionals have no hard answers as to how long bad the coronavirus outbreak is going to get and how long we'll get stuck at home. We just know it'll still be going tomorrow, and next week, and the week after that.

As Major League Baseball floats the idea of descending upon the greater Phoenix area, the Powers That Be in college football have begun debating whether the season could be truncated, or split between two semesters, or pushed to the spring. Or, if it becomes clear the season can kick off on time, how much ramp-up time players need to work their way into playing shape.

It's a necessary conversation, of course. No one wants to rush players back on the playing field before they've had time to prepare themselves. But it kind of misses the point.

On Wednesday, Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell arrived at the point (via Max Olson).

Matt Campbell answer

My point here isn't to say players can roll in from their respective homes on Aug. 1 and we'll be good to go by Sept. 5 (or earlier for some teams) without a whisper of concern. Obviously, if the opportunity to bring players back to campus in June or July, those that can afford it will take full advantage of the time they're given.

If that opportunity does not present itself, then, obviously, that is not ideal. But ideal left town about a month ago, and it's not coming back for a while. In the meantime, if it becomes clear that the season can be played as scheduled, the Powers That Be will find a way to make it happen.