With Saturday’s win over TCU, Matt Campbell led Iowa State to an upset of a top-four team for the second time this season, putting them in the driver seat for the Big 12 title in just his second year with the program.

After the game, Campbell took the opportunity to talk not only how important the win was to the program, but what the program is able to demonstrate to the world and fans of college football with their progress.

“You are teaching the world that in this sport of college football, toughness, discipline, and details still matter. That is your platform. Your platform is that it is team above self. That is the platform that you’re using, and nobody wants to buy into that in our culture today.”

“Our culture says that it is all about me. Our culture says ‘Screw the process, I want instant gratification.’ But here is a fact, and young guys listen to me, if you fall in love with the process, then eventually the process will love you back.”

“But see, here’s what’s crazy about that. You don’t know when it’s going to love you back. All you have to do is be prepared for your opportunity when it is ready to love you back. Now think about that, because that’s powerful.”

“There are some young guys in here that are still trying to climb the ladder. What you guys that have grinded it out, have stuck it out, have believed it out, you fell in love with the process, and the process is now loving you back.”

Campbell goes on to share so many more great points in his passionate talk after the emotional win, so see the clip for the whole thing.