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Matt LaFleur: Achilles injury won't keep me from the sidelines

Imagine working 16 years for your first head coaching job, and that first head coaching job happens to be leading the Green Bay Packers.

Then imagine tearing your Achilles tendon.

That's the reality Matt LaFleur currently lives in, where on the one hand he's battling through the after effects of tearing his Achilles while playing basketball, and on the other he's still the head coach of the Packers.

Two days removed from surgery, LaFleur, wearing a cast and moving around on a scooter, said he should be fine to coach the Packers from the sidelines as long as he takes care of business.

Green Bay's first preseason game comes Aug. 8 against Houston. LaFleur, his repaired Achilles and the rest of the Packers begin the 2019 campaign Sept. 5 at Chicago.