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Matt Rhule called a Baylor team meeting to address the rumors of NFL interest

As news about NFL teams, like the Panthers, expressing interest in interviewing Matt Rhule started to get shared on major networks and social media for all to see on Sunday, Baylor players were getting ready for Sugar Bowl practice when Matt Rhule decided to have a team meeting.

The goal of that meeting for Rhule was full transparency - something not all coaches who are being pursued by other teams or organizations are willing to provide.

There, players shared with the Dallas Morning News that Rhule told them that he'd be "dumb" to not take an opportunity to talk with an NFL team.

While Rhule, who is under contract in Waco through the 2027 season, didn't speak to the media Sunday afternoon after that team meeting took place, five defensive players shared what that meeting was like with Rhule and by all accounts it was a very open, honest, and transparent conversation. Rhule explained that any interest he's getting from NFL teams is because of the success that Baylor has had and the commitment of the people in their building.

Baylor players clearly appreciated the approach. As linebacker Jordan Williams shared;

“He just came in there and told us straight up, what he thought, and what he wanted to do and what was going on,” said senior linebacker Jordan Williams. “He’s just gonna tell us if he makes a decision.”

Head here to read the full piece from the Dallas Morning News, including more quotes from players from that meeting.

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