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Matt Rhule explains why interviewing for another job can help you with your current one

Every off season thousands and thousands of coaches, both assistants and head coaches, interview for other coaching opportunities elsewhere. With a handful of guys going after a single role, it's safe to say that the vast majority of those coaches return to their old jobs and continue the search for a possible better fit.

Sure, those that don't get the job or promotion they'd be hoping for are bummed for a little while, but there's also another way to look at that situation, as Matt Rhule shares.

With the work Matt Rhule has put into turning around the Baylor program in just two short years, coupled with his NFL experience and success at Temple, it was only a matter of time before NFL teams came with interest. This past off season Rhule interviewed for the New York Jets head coaching opening, and that opportunity provided Rhule with some interesting perspective.

As Rhule shared with Peter King's Football Morning in America piece, the opportunity to interview for an NFL job made him re-think things a bit.

“When you go through these interviews, it makes you re-think what’s your philosophy. I’m sitting there talking to somebody about what I would do and it makes you say to yourself, ‘What do I really believe in? What’s important to me?’"

"That part of it refines your own philosophy when you go back to your job, and I think it makes you better.”

Rhule also shared that he has no regrets about interviewing for the job, and understands that the opportunity at Baylor has given him the opportunity to do something "good from a human perspective," because of the position the school was reeling from before he had been brought in.


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Of course, the Jets ended up hiring former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase and providing the most entertaining NFL press conference moments of the year.

Head here to read the full piece from King, which includes a host of mini NFL stories and tidbits.