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Is Matt Rhule frustrated after 0-2 start? "Not at all...I didn't come here because I thought this would be an easy job"

Every successful coach has a process that they've developed and fine-tuned during their coaching journey while working under notable head coaches, coordinators, and assistant coaches.

For Matt Rhule, his process was developed learning under guys like Tom Coughlin, Joe Paterno, and a host of others. After losses to Liberty and UTSA to open his first season in Waco at 0-2, Rhule was asked after their 17-10 loss to UTSA Saturday if he "beats himself up," or if he has "lost any confidence" in his process.

Rhule scoffed at the idea, before adding:

"Not at all. I don't want to make excuses, but I didn't come here because I thought it would be a really easy job. I didn't come here saying to myself, 'well this will be fun,' or 'this will be easy.' I came here saying, 'This is going to be epic,' and 'This is going to be awesome. This is going to be a process.'"

"I really believe that God put me here, not so things like this didn't happen, but I believe that God put me here because things like this were going to happen."

Rhule went on to explain more about "his" process.

"This process is the same one that we won a national title with at Penn State. My process is the same process that I watched with Tom Coughlin. My process worked at Temple, and my process will work with these kids."

"Now, I say 'my process,' but that's just working hard, growing kids up, stop making mistakes...We're just not really doing the process at a high enough level yet, and we will. We will."

Catch his full comments in the video.

After two losses (Liberty, UTSA) in as many home games, #Baylor head coach Matt Rhule still believes in his team.

— Tyler Bouldin (@tylerbouldin) September 10, 2017