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Matt Rhule: "I would give anything to be on a sideline today."

Matt Rhule says his six weeks away from a team have "reinvigorated" his love for the game and coaching.

It's been about six weeks since Matt Rhule has been blowing a whistle on the practice field for the Panthers.

In a recent interview with The 33rd Team, Rhule makes it very clear he misses being on the sidelines, teaching, and being around "the guys."

After saying "miss" (or some variation of it), at least ten times, Rhule teases "I don't know how long I'll be able to be away from football, because I miss [those relationships]. I love my family and they're my team right now, and they'll always be my team, but I also miss being on the practice field and coaching."  

"I hope and pray that the time comes where I have the chance to do that again, and I would give anything right now to be out there on a sideline today."

"I would give anything to be out there on a sideline or a practice field today. So lean into it. Enjoy coaching today, because, like me, you never know when it could be taken away"

"In this moment right now. In this moment...I miss heading out to practice and coaching guys. If anything, it reinvigorates my love of the game, and my love of coaching, and I can't wait to see what I'm doing next."

It's only a minute-and-a-half or so of Rhule talking, but it's very clear that he's itching to get back on the sidelines, and soon.

Not only that, he seems wherever he lands, he's going to be an even better coach because of what he went through in Carolina.