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Matt Rhule took out a full page ad thanking Temple fans and Philly residents

Nothing is technically asked of a head coach when he leaves for another job. Some meet with their team, others don't, some have a farewell tour of sorts, while others leave quietly. It all depends on the personality of the man who has made the decision.

Every once in a while, a coach will get in touch with the local paper / media to issue a final thank you, and that's exactly what Matt Rhule did following his decision to leave Temple for Baylor.

Rhule went didn't settle for some small message, he went all out with the full page ad, featuring confetti and the AAC conference title trophy to tell Temple fans and residents of Philly just how thankful he and his family are for their time leading the program.

Below is a blown up section to read Rhule's farewell message a bit easier:


That is an absolute class move by coach Rhule. While most guys would be thinking of the million new things they have on their plate in their new role, Rhule had the idea of letting the Temple community know how much they're appreciated. That's great stuff.