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There may be some exciting changes coming to how we all watch football

How fans have watched football via their televisions has been largely the same for decades. Sure, the camera angles have changed, and just in the last few years the NFL started to share their All 22 film, and while coaches have been loving that access, things have been pretty unimaginative beyond that.

That's why this clip (seen below) on Twitter from the LA Clippers and their new CourtVision feature caught my eye.

In a promo video released earlier this year, the Clippers dub their new CourtVision as "the future of sports viewing," and after watching it in live action last night, they're definitely onto something that could be really exciting.

With CourtVision, viewers are able to choose from "multiple augmented reality live streams," from Player Mode which overlays real-time stats and shooting percentages from areas on the flood for each player, to Coach Mode where plays are diagrammed in real time, and then a fun Mascot Mode where fun filters, animations, and effects take place during game action.

See a full run down of those modes below from their promo.

Obviously, the one mode that will really pique the interest of coaches reading this is that Coach Mode option. Imagine being able to watch games and have the plays being run diagrammed in real time as the play takes place. How cool would that be?

The video below shows what CourtVision looked like last night as the Clippers took on the Trailblazers, and you'll notice an option to change camera angles as well.

This is really cool, and really well executed idea from the Clippers that could legitimately change how we consume games moving forward, and I think we can all agree it'd be for the better.