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This may be the most popular new quote among coaches in 2019

There are certain quotes in the history of sports and football that make a unique connection with coaches and players on a different level.

Former Miami (FL) great Alonzo Highsmith, may have provided the latest one with an explanation of one of the most used words in all of sports - SWAG. Many consider the Miami teams that Highsmith played on as where the term swag was both born, and perfectly personified and so many programs and individuals have been on a quest to find it and replicate it since those days.

Here's how Highsmith, who played running back for the Canes during the golden era of Canes football before becoming the 3rd overall pick of the 1987 NFL Draft now serves as the vice president of player personnel for the Browns, explained what swag actually is to The Athletic.

You can be sure that you'll start to see this one posted in coaches offices, weight rooms, football facilities, and locker rooms across the country really quickly.

That one is going to be really popular. No question about it.