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Meet the California high school with 28 uniform combinations

In case you hadn't noticed, high school football is big business these days. The sport becomes more and more like college football by the day. The latest example: uniforms. Specifically, having lots of them.

Mission Viejo -- a southern California powerhouse that claims Mark Sanchez and a handful other NFL players as alums -- has partnered with Under Armour to debut a new look with 28 different combinations.

“We did this for the kids,” Mission Viejo wide receivers coach Garrett Gray, who worked with head coach Bob Johnson and UA executives to design the looks, told USA Today. “It’s going to give them something special that they can put on their social media. What’s really great is the kids will choose the uniform combination they want to wear each week. The goal is to not re-use a combo.”

Players will vote on each week's look, with the winner unveiled on an Under Armour mannequin before Thursday practices.

(HT USA Today)