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Meet the new evolution of satellite camps: Mega Camps

The NCAA has approved legislation that reduces the number of acceptable camp days from 30 to 10. The clear aim at these rules were to restrict programs' abilities to hold satellite camps, but a quote from a 90's dinosaur movie taught that coaches would find a way around this rule:

Much like Jim Harbaugh responded to the NCAA banning him from taking his team to Florida for spring break by hauling them to Europe (and beyond?) in Michigan's "summer" break, Jeremy Crabtree reports that some programs will team up to evaluate prospects in a way that goes beyond satellite camps while staying within the rules. Say hello to Mega Camps.

The idea sounds closer to regional combines -- like what most recruiting services put on now by themselves -- than the typical camp.

As always, Crabtree's report is punctuated by the typical paranoia you'd expect from coaches talking recruiting anonymously.