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Mercer promoted its incoming recruiting class in Times Square

Anyone who's been to Times Square knows part of the fun is the dozens of sights ranging from peculiar to downright puzzling. For those walking around one of New York's most famous landmarks today, that likely includes why a small college is showing photos of its incoming football players more than 900 miles from its Macon, Ga., campus.

In an effort to get the word out about its recently revived football program, a year ago Mercer plastered the state of Georgia with billboards announcing its 2015 signing class.

But, clearly, the Bears' marketing staff couldn't just repeat their promotion from last year. No, this year they had to up the ante.

The promotional efforts extend just beyond the football program. It's not like "Mercer University" and "Times Square" are in the same sentence every day.

RT if u want to sign w a school that promotes their players like this

— Grant Cain (@coachgrantcain) February 12, 2016

The billboards were originally slated to run last week on Signing Day, but a tragedy in the Bears' basketball program forced the delay.

This begs the question: if Mercer has gone from Georgia to Times Square in one year, how will the Bears' marketing staff top their efforts for 2017? There seems to be only one answer -- the international space station.