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Miami (OH) is doing something really special with their cancer awareness helmets

As part of their annual Cancer Awareness game, Miami's game against Kent State this weekend will feature a really unique way to bring attention to the different types of cancer with their helmets.

Every one of the 112 players that take the field for Miami (OH) Saturday will feature a colored ribbon of their choosing that will symbolize how they have been affected by cancer.

Each ribbon has its own unique meaning - red will signify blood cancers; orange will represent kidney cancer and Leukemia; pink will be for breast cancer; green will signify liver, ovarian and cervical cancer; purple will represent leiomyosarcoma, pancreatic, and testicular cancer; blue is for colon and esophageal cancer; yellow is bladder, sarcoma / bone cancer; white is lung cancer; and black represents melanoma.

After the game, five helmets will be auctioned off.

With so many high schools participating in cause games of their own, this is a really cool way to make the experience unique and personalized.

Head here to read the full release from the school.