Miami was the first individual school to sign a contract with an apparel company, with Nike all the way back in 1987. So it was pretty shocking when Miami announced in early 2015 it would leave The Swoosh for Adidas.

To be fair, though, Nike did wander pretty far off course from the Miami uniforms we’re all accustomed to seeing.

Adidas dressed Miami in their brand-consistent aggressive, non-traditional style in 2015 but, to their credit, dialed it back in 2016.

As you’ll see below, the new green tops follow the same template. Adidas’s trademark chainlink fence stitching is still there, but, hey, at least they’re allowing Miami to keep their traditional design.

The new black uniforms are actually the second all-black set that Adidas has given Miami. Which one do you like better, the before….

… or the after?

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