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Miami wants to sell tickets by telling fans to go to fewer games


Miami draws fewer fans than its standing among college football's greatest programs would suggest. 

Part of it is its status as a private school in a pro town, part of it is playing games in a pro stadium well away from campus and downtown, part of it is the Canes' up and down fortunes over the last decade, part of it is that there's just a lot of stuff to do in Miami, but really it's all of those factors combined. Either way, a Saturday tradition in the Twitter era of college football is an embarrassing, not-exactly-fair shot of mostly orange seats at Sun Life Stadium as Miami takes on Bethune-Cookman. 

To combat this, Miami is offering a two-game package, ostensibly to get people in for the Florida State game and one more, most likely not Florida A&M or Arkansas State. Credit to the 'Canes for being realistic here.

Plenty of teams - especially in pro sports, which is the audience Miami is marketing to here - offer multi-game mini-packages. Few market it with three-inch font, though.