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Michigan could be adding a new member to the staff...who also is on scholarship

Pinnacle HS (AZ) quarterback and 3-star prospect JD Johnson committed to Jim Harbaugh and the Wolverines back in December of 2018, but Johnson recently received some unfortunate news that has derailed the plans to put on pads in Ann Arbor.

Born with a heart defect known as a coarctation of the aorta, Johnson was officially diagnosed at age 12 and at that point he received a stent. In December, Johnson was due to have an "expansion adjustment" to that stent, however recent tests and evaluations uncovered some complications that unfortunately cannot be corrected through surgery. Doctors shared that because those issues, his days playing contact sports are behind him.

Johnson reached out to Harbaugh to share the unfortunate news, and admitted to being "unsure and scared" about how the conversation would go. To his surprise, Harbaugh committed to honoring Johnson's scholarship offer.

Not only that, but Harbaugh also told Johnson he would like to have Johnson help out on staff any way he's able to.

"I am witness to coach Harbaugh's character and integrity in a situation where he has every reason to tell me 'Good luck with your future.' He means what he says, and stands behind his commitments, when he could have taken the easy way out. He demonstrated a high level of loyalty to a player that will never throw a TD pass for him."

"I already bled Michigan BLUE, but coach Harbaugh demonstrated an example to me, like the old "Starfish Parable". You cannot impact everyone's life, but sometimes making a difference in the life of just one counts for something."

That's a really touching gesture from coach Harbaugh. With coaches changes and new coaches coming in who won't honor the scholarship offers of the previous staff, and reporters, journalists, and fans up in arms about it, this is a great reminder of one of the many good things that come out of college football and recruiting.

Below is Johnson's full update via social media.

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