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Michigan cancelled a campus showing of American Sniper...but then Harbaugh tweeted his stance


The University of Michigan campus found themselves in quite the situation earlier this week when a scheduled screening of American Sniper started to catch some heavy criticism for its perceived "anti-Muslim" stance of the main character Chris Kyle.

Feeling the heat, the University of Michigan (who prides itself on the diversity of its student body) backpedaled by cancelling the showing. But then a tweet from Jim Harbaugh changed everything.

Not long after that tweet, the school came out and announced that they had a change of heart, effecting backpedaling from the original backpedal.

So, just to recap; Michigan schedules showing of American Sniper, after catching some heavy criticism, Michigan then cancels showing of said American Sniper movie, then head football coach Jim Harbaugh basically tweets #Murica, and Michigan's stance changes.


For those that are still offended that "the show will go on," Michigan has also decided to screen an alternate movie, Paddington as well, which is a movie based on a cartoon bear. there's that.