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Michigan DC Don Brown: "If you're afraid to coach this game, maybe you should evaluate your profession."

A fired up Don Brown answered a few questions after one of Michigan's recent practices leading up to Michigan's Outback Bowl showdown with South Carolina, and what those cameras captured is both entertaining and educational.

First, Brown shares a bit about his defensive philosophy:

"There is space. There are easy throws. If I go back - and I'm 62 - I can go back and throw the hitch route, I can go back and throw the curl route, I can go back and throw the swing route to the back and all those things. But I want to contest every throw. I don't want these quarterbacks to have anything easy. That's the premise. That's the philosophy."

"On top of not having anything easy, we want to still have the ability to make his life miserable by rushing him. I just saw someone put out a stat that we were second in the country in most pressures on the quarterback at 47%. That means he goes back two times and one time, somebody is hitting him."

"That's what we practice for. That's why we do all this stuff. we want to make his life as tough as we can make it. In my humble opinion, at the end of the day, we had well over 400 yards in minus yards. For us, that's almost two games worth of minus yards that we can take and put in our back pocket. That's a lot of yards."

Brown goes on to explain why they decided as a defensive staff to throw a lot at their guys and continue to coach their tails off developing them and helping them grasp scheme stuff, and it's a constant conversation among the defensive staff in their meeting room.

"I have the conversation with colleagues all the time, they call me and they go 'Coach, ya know, don't you get nervous?' NERVOUS? This is the greatest game in the world. I'm not afraid to coach this game."

"If you are, maybe you should reevaluate your profession."

Hear more from Brown in the clip

Don Brown entertaining as ever

— angelique (@chengelis) December 29, 2017