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Michigan made a cinematic highlight video from its Michigan State win

Michigan's 21-7 win over Michigan State happened on Saturday, but the game has found a way to live well into this week.

The controversy over the Spartan Walk Confrontation has bled into this week as the adults in the room take shots at each other, where Michigan players accused Michigan State of "clotheslining" one Wolverines and ripping the headphones out of another's ears, and Michigan State responded with, essentially, "Well, they weren't supposed to be on the field."

Jim Harbaugh said Michigan State's act was "bush league," and Mark Dantonio said such a claim was "BS."

Michigan AD Warde Manuel got the final word in, with his final words:

I had a conversation on the field with Michigan State Athletic Director Bill Beekman prior to the game regarding the situation that occurred during pregame warmups. My preference is to keep that conversation and any further discussions between us. I will work with our staff and the conference to see how this situation can be prevented from happening in the future. It is a great rivalry between two Michigan Universities, and the focus should remain on the game, the way it’s played, and the final result.

Michigan has put a bow on the win with this week's cinematic highlight video.

The natural Michigan State response: When you win this game three times every 11 years, of course you're going to treat it like a national championship.