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Reminder: Double, and triple check everything you send to recruits


As coaches, we've all seen the the use of creative visual graphics for recruiting, and promotional use in athletic departments around the country explode in recent years, and every once in a while a reminder comes along to stop and take a closer look at things.

That's the case with Michigan's latest graphic aimed at impressing the top running back prosepct in the country, Mike Weber.

The pitch is very "Michigan"; "Big time players play in the Big House", "Michigan IS College Football", but do you notice the mistake?

This is the perfect opportunity to remind coaches to double, triple, and quadruple check any recruiting material that may come across your desk seeking your final approval. After you've done that, look over it once more.

The last thing you want is the recruit to receive the piece that your guys spent so much time creating and notice the mistake.

For those who lost this particular game of Where's Waldo? and are wondering what all the fuss is about, "All-American" is misspelled. Not a mistake you ever want to make, but it's not a catastrophic one. Now, had the Wolverines actually misspelled Mike Weber's name? That's a different conversation. Allow Michigan's embarrassment to be your enlightenment.