There are no winners in this time of coronavirus, but — and I’m talking from a sports perspective only — the timing hits some staffs harder than others. I’m talking specifically about teams that did not get in any spring practices before the hiatus, and new coaching staffs.

Michigan State happens to be both.

The job did not open until Feb. 4, and Mel Tucker was hired eight days later. His staff, obviously, was not hired until days and weeks after that.

The Spartans were slated for their first spring practice on March 17. That did not happen, nor will any spring practices.

And yet Michigan State, like every other staff, must play the hand it’s dealt, and on Tuesday the Spartans showed us how they’re playing that hand.

Tucker’s staff showcased their work-at-home set-ups. It’s far from ideal, but it’s a show of faith to the Spartans’ fans and recruits that they’re making the best of a bad situation.

The winner here is most definitely Mike Tressel with the snacks and XBox set up, right?

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