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Michigan State's Cotton Bowl rings take a jab at rival Michigan

Almost everything about Michigan State's Cotton Bowl rings are pretty status quo. Take a look for yourself.


You've got a good amount of bling, the Cotton Bowl trophy prominently displayed on the face of the ring, the Spartan font and logo, the record and final ranking for the season, and the score of the win over Baylor.

But then, in little font right underneath the player's name and "#5 ranking" is another score. Upon closer inspection, you see that it's the score from their win over rival Michigan.

Now the Spartans have won the past six of seven meetings with the Wolverines, and have also won their last four straight bowl trips, so why they decided to put the score on this ring is anyone's guess. Regardless of the reason, sometimes it's just necessary to take a shot at your rival during the off season.

(H/T Michigan State linebacker Darien Harris)