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Michigan "struggling" to find their next head coach

Amid reports that today could be Brady Hoke's final day as head coach at Michigan, I reached out this morning to a number of connections in the coaching profession - both NFL and college. The feedback I heard isn't going to excite many at Michigan; in fact, one source was very blunt, saying "Michigan is struggling to find their next head coach."

Michigan athletic director Jim Hackett and senior assistant athletic director Mike DeBord have spoken with a number of potential candidates is the what I'm told; and the reception thus far hasn't been positive. We are told that the Michigan administration was hoping to have largely have their man identified by now and that does not appear to be the case as calls were ongoing yesterday.

Multiple sources I spoke with told me Jim Harbaugh has already told Michigan that he is not a candidate.

Sources tell us that Michigan has reached out to Butch Jones as well. Jones will not be a candidate at Michigan.

It is our understanding from sources at Michigan that there is significant disagreement within the building in Ann Arbor regarding the potential candidacy of Les Miles. Hackett very much considers Les a friend and a candidate he would like to pursue. Others in the department do not believe this is in the best interests of Michigan and fear that Les would publicly acknowledge their interest but ultimately choose to remain at LSU, giving the Michigan search a very public black eye.

Multiple sources we spoke with feel Michigan will ultimately wind up going "outside the family" for their next head coach. As always, we'll keep you posted on The Scoop.