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Michigan takes you through the 'Car Wash'

Big Ten Network went behind the scenes of a Michigan practice and highlighted the post-practice routine for each Wolverine player, which they dubbed the "Car Wash."

The Wolverines have streamlined the entire process, creating what amounts to an assembly line of recovery and refueling. Right off the field the players leave their helmets and shoulder pads on drying racks then, after cutting off their tape and wrapping any and all cuts to prevent infection, the players shower off any rubber pellets that are surely cleaning to them like gnats.

After that's done they move directly into the cold tub, where they'll wade through barriers like they're waiting in line for a roller coaster. Once that's done they can turn left and go into the weight room or hang a right into the nutrition room, where protein shakes and healthy snacks are waiting for them.

And just like a car wash, these large, powerful beings enter filthy and come out good as new on the other side.

Pretty cool, right?