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Michigan has an impressive new recruiting website that should be a blueprint for your program


This morning, Michigan's Football Twitter account tweeted out a link to their new recruiting website.

The link takes you to a very well put together, full screen video of Wolverine practice and game highlights with the phrase "Why Do We Do This" flashing across the screen a few times. The clip ends by proclaiming "Because We Are Michigan".

Scroll down a bit and you see the number of Big Ten Championships the program has claimed (42), the number of National Championships (11), and number of Heisman Trophy winners (3), followed by a short paragraph about the Michigan Football program that serves as a sort of mission statement for the page.


Below that are a few links where you can click to meet the team, the coaching staff, as well as a section where you can "Experience Michigan". That last section is what really caught my eye, and I know it will do the same to recruits considering the Wolverines.

In the "Experience Michigan" section, you can see what it's like to "live, learn, and play football at the University of Michigan" and it includes interviews with players about why they chose Michigan, pictures of Tom Brady addressing the team in the team meeting room, and features from a few other members of the Michigan Athletics family. It's a really nice feature that provides a great perspective.

At the bottom of the main page, a tour of the facilities in Ann Arbor are included, which is another area that recruits will love.

While a handful of other programs have rolled out very similar websites aimed with a focus on recruiting the past year or two, this one sets a new standard in my opinion. It covers all the bases.

With this website, Michigan has brilliantly developed a virtual front porch of their football program, and other programs would be smart to use the blueprint to create something similar for their program to sell recruits.

Take a look at the website yourself here.