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Mike Bobo explains why the new Colorado State offense will mix pro style with the no huddle


Looking around the landscape of college football offenses, you can normally divide offenses into a number of categories (spread, pro-style, no huddle, etc.). It's very rare that an offense will fit into more than one category.

Mike Bobo's offense at Colorado State will be one of those as he looks to blend a pro-style offense with an up tempo approach. When asked why he's adopted the no huddle approach after having so much success huddling as the offensive coordinator at Georgia, Bobo explained:

"Number one, it gives you the opportunity to run more plays, and more plays means more opportunities to score more points."

"I believe that what we do offensively, if you just break the huddle and line up in a two-back or a twins look, it's easy for them to align, and get their feet set and understand where they have to fit in the run scheme. But when you go fast, now they have to communicate fast, and a guy might be just six inches, or a half a yard off of his fit and now the defense gets divided."

"What we're going to do offensively gives us the ability to jump from a two-back to a one-back, and to a no-back and do all this fast and a pro-style offense gives defenses a bit of a problem."

"Usually, when you're playing a team that's a two-back, that's going to run the power or run the lead zone, they're going to be huddling and defenses are going to get lined up, but we're going to do all that and play fast as well."