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Mike Brey on coaches complaining about NIL: "Shut up and adjust"

Mike Brey doesn't want to hear complaining from well-compensated coaches about the NIL landscape, and wants to see everyone "shut up and adjust."

Every day there seems to be a new quote from a college football coach about how unhappy they are with the current state of NIL. 

It took a good 10 months, but after allegations of coaches tampering with players and NIL incentives being offered to get guys to transfer or players saying they need more NIL money after a standout year or they're threatening to transfer, the NCAA shared a few days ago now that they're going to start cracking down on NIL rules.

The NIL has been a huge adjustment for coaches, especially those that have been around the game for decades, but like it or not, this is the future of college athletics and there's no putting the toothpaste back in the tube.

Notre Dame men's basketball coach Mike Brey is one coach who has gone on the record sick of hearing the bickering from his coaching colleagues in basketball and football.

"Coaches have got to stop complaining," Brey shared with ESPN yesterday during the annual ACC spring meetings. 

"This is the world we're in, and last time I checked, we make pretty good money. So everybody should shut up and adjust."

Brey has never been one afraid to voice his opinion, and those words on NIL probably won't make him any new friends among coaches, but from an unbiased point of view I think he's absolutely right.

It's clear that there are going to be some adjustments to NIL and especially in how it's being enforced once a new NCAA leader comes, but finding a way to adjust is going to be a much better strategy in the short and long term rather than complaining.