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Ditka once butchered baseball's biggest tradition, now he dishes advice

Back in 1998 Mike Ditka had already solidified his place in Chicago lore as one of the top tight ends the NFL had ever seen, and as a Super Bowl winning head coach. Even though he had taken over the reigns of the New Orleans Saints by 1998, it seemed like he could do no wrong in Chicago.

But then he was asked to do the 7th inning stretch at Wrigley Field, and as the guest of honor, he famously led the crowd in "Take me out to the ball game", and it was a disaster before he even took the mic. Ask any baseball fan and the moment easily ranks among the most memorable and butchered 7th inning stretches ever.

With the Cubs celebrating 100 years at Wrigley Field this weekend, the stage was set for someone else to take the mic at one of America's most iconic baseball stadiums and lead the crowd in the tradition, so Ditka thought it would be fitting to dish some advice to the person entrusted with the mic on the momentous occasion.

"DON'T screw it up. I did the 7th inning stretch, and I screwed it up...and I've never been asked back." he explains. No pressure.