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Mike Gundy offers to pay for school safety measures at Stillwater Board of Education meeting

Mike Gundy addressed the Stillwater Public Schools Board of Education last night, according to News OK, asking for increased safety measures - regardless the monetary cost.

Gundy's stance comes while the safety of kids in school has become a very hot-button issue following the Stoneman Douglas HS (FL) shooting back in mid-February that left 17 dead. Yesterday, a hundreds of thousands of students at schools nationwide planned a silent walk-out the bring national attention to the issue.

By referencing how easy it is for him to get into some school while on recruiting trips, Gundy expressed his concern with a safety plan in the event of an on-campus shooter.

Gundy offered to put his own money up to get the process started, and the solution he offered up was having retired police officers or retired military members posted at the school.

Perhaps the most powerful thing Gundy shared at the meeting was this note:

"We have protection in our banks, in the airport, in a jewelry store," Gundy said. "But we don't have protection in our schools.

"We can replace all those things, but we can't replace our kids."

This video, via News OK, captured Gundy's address to the board.

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