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Mike Gundy and Oklahoma State have changed their entire off season philosophy to give players more time off

After dominating chatter at Big 12 Media Days with whether he had a mullet or not, Mike Gundy hopped on Sirius XM College Sports Nation to talk about a number of topics.

One of the things that Gundy touched on was how they've changed their entire off season philosophy heading into 2016 and are now giving their players more time off.

That's something that may make the jaw drop of many coaches, but Gundy says they're able to do it because of the commitment and maturity of the team that they have, and it's clearly not a decision they've made lightly.

"We really have a good group of players that understand the commitment to Oklahoma State football and what it takes and we need a good preseason."

"We've changed up some of our philosophy, where our days are going to be shorter, we're going to give players more time away from us, less time on the field, fewer steps during preparation to try and stay as fresh as possible because we do have some mature players, we feel like we need to get them ready to play, but then the young players have to get a lot of work."

"So it's a bit of a different philosophy for us in the preseason," Gundy explained.

Gundy and Oklahoma State might have gotten out ahead of this issue a bit, as the Power Five conferences have recently got together to look at a number of ways to give student athletes more time off during, and after their season.

Hear more from Gundy below.