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Mike Leach has some brutally honest thoughts on the NCAA's decision to ban satellite camps


There are three certainties in life; death, takes, and Mike Leach telling you EXACTLY what is on his mind when you askhis opinion. Today, Leach's target today's ruling by the NCAA to ban satellite camps - and he spit hot fire.

Leach and his staff had planned to visit a handful of schools during a California camp circuit, but the ruling by the NCAA today has forced them to cancel those plans.

In his trademark fashion, Leach was very vocal in where he stands on the issue in a comment to the Seattle Times, and it's a vantage point that is shared by a number of other coaches out there.

"It appears that the selfish interests of a few schools and conferences prevailed over the best interests of future potential student-athletes,” WSU coach Mike Leach said in a text message to the Seattle Times. “The mission of universities and athletic programs should be to provide future student-athletes with exposure to opportunities, not to limit them. It appears to me that some universities and conferences are willing to sacrifice the interests of potential student-athletes for no better reasons than to selfishly monopolize their recruiting bases." 

“I will be fascinated to hear any legitimate reasoning behind this ruling.”

Linebackers coach Ken Wilson didn't shy away either.

Yep. That sums up exactly how I, and many other coaches in the profession, feel.

The new rule does allow kids to sign up for on-campus camps hosted by schools, but as Wazzu chief of staff Dave Emerick points out, “I don’t think 400 kids from Los Angeles will be able to afford plane tickets to come to WSU.”

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