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Mike Leach: "If you can do it in high school, you can do it anywhere else"

When it comes to proponents of the Air Raid, and spread philosophies in general, there is no more vocal spokesperson that Mike Leach.

The Washington State head coach has never been afraid to speak his mind, sharing back in January how "the stupidity of the NFL hits a new low" every time he hears an analyst knock a quarterback for never taking a snap under center - which seems to be annually as we approach the NFL Draft.

Leach doubled down on that idea at the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference recently, where his talk was described as Going Deep with Mike Leach - The Most Innovative Mind in Football.

"You can't do this, and you can't do that. All this stuff you can't do in the NFL...can't do in the NFL my ass!"

"If you can do it in high school, with a rare exception, you can do it anywhere else."

Leach goes on to share what he sees as the snobbiness among NFL coaches who think the talent in the NFL is just too elite for a scheme like the Air Raid, sharing some funny impressions of just how he views them in the process.

"All of it is just narrow minded bunk where someone says that you can't do something because they're too selfish or lazy to think about it." See Leach's full thoughts in the clip.

Leach then shared some insight into the beliefs behind the Air Raid philosophy that coaches will enjoy, including why he views the spacing of the field in 30-yard increments from the line of scrimmage.

">March 2, 2019

Here's to hoping that someday and NFL team thinks out of the box and hires Leach to lead an NFL organization. I literally can't think of something more fun than that.