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Mike Leach continues to rip his team's toughness, in specific detail

On Sunday following his team's 31-28 loss to Boise State, Washington State head coach Mike Leach ripped his team's toughness in a way you rarely see coaches do these days. His Cougars played hard, Leach said, but they the toughness necessary to win football games.

On Monday, Leach detailed the specific ways his team plays without toughness. Here, in his words, they are:

  • "I've got receivers running routes that don't even resemble anything we teach."
  • "We don't tuck the ball and go straight up the field. We do all these stupid moves."
  • "We run out of bounds more than any team in the country."
  • "We're the easiest team in the country to tackle."
  • "Defensively, we don't run our feet on contact."
  • "We don't on offense, either."
  • "We don't like to run and hit. And this is a game for running and hitting."

Here's the best of Mike Leach today. MUST WATCH for #Cougars, #Huskies, and all fans everywhere. Hilarious.

— Aaron Levine (@AaronQ13Fox) September 13, 2016

Safe to say this isn't going to be a fun week of practice on the Palouse.