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Mike Leach shares thoughts on why golf is utterly ridiculous: "Golf is for people that don't swear effectively and need practice"

One of the many things that makes Mike Leach so fun is you never know what question will send him into a thought-sharing spiral of epic proportions.

That happened last night after Washington State's spring practice after Leach was asked a very simple four-word question, which set him off on a two-minute rant on how ridiculous golf is and why he doesn't play it.

After being asked "Are you a golfer?" Leach responded "No I hate golf."

But that was just the tip of the iceberg. Leach goes on to share how being golf and being part of a committee are related, and why he can't be on committees because of it, what it sounds like people talk about on a golf course from his perspective, and what he prefers to do while others in his party play golf.

The best might be the way Leach wraps up his thoughts. "Golf is pretty much for people that swear effectively and need practice at it, and so there are those that need golf, and I don't think I do."

Catch Leach's full entertaining response in the clip.

Mike Leach, on golf: “Golf’s pretty much for people that don’t swear effectively enough or need practice at it. And so there are people that need golf and I don’t think I do.”

— Theo Lawson (@TheoLawson_SR) April 18, 2018