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Mike Leach explains why marriage is like voting

In November, Mike Leach went viral in the way that only he can. A Pullman reporter was getting married and asked the local head football coach for advice.

“The best wisdom that I could possibly give on that subject…is nine days…you should have come to me sooner. But my wisdom would be, you have to stay out of the way.”

“I wish you a very happy marriage, and I am sure you’ll have one, but I’m just telling you, when it comes to marriages, the women lose their mind. The fiancee is going to lose her mind. Your mother-in-law is going to lose her mind. Your mom is going lose her mind. Several of your sisters and female relatives are going to lose their mind," Leach said.

“They’re going to barrage you with constant questions; What should we wear? Which of course my answer is always ‘I don’t care.' And then it’s ‘What color should the invitations be?’ I don’t care. ‘What should we have for dessert?’ I don’t care.”

That reporter is now leaving the Palouse for a job in Reno, and asked Leach for some parting advice.

"The biggest thing is make sure she's your best friend," Leach said. "But with that said, anything that you expect to do within your marriage that is important to you 20 years from now, make sure you do it now, whether you feel like it or not. It's just like your right to vote: If you don't exercise is you might lose it. So you need to exercise any rights that you expect to maintain between now and the duration. See that you do that and do it from Day One, starting now. She needs to do the same thing, obviously. Anything she expects out of you, she'd better make sure she gets it."

The reporter then chimes in by saying, "I think she's done a better job of that than I have."

"Well, then she'll close in, she'll be the alpha and she'll run the whole deal," Leach responded. "She's well on her way to conquering the whole household. You'd better play a little defense and protect your territory there."