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Mike Leach explains his wild thought process in picking captains for the pregame coin toss

Nothing Mike Leach does, or has ever done in the realm of coaching, is considered conventional. So when he explained his thought process in determining a captain for the pregame coin toss yesterday, I can't say I was surprised - "intrigued" would be a better word.

"I mean all the guy really does is the coin toss," Leach starts off by saying - which is the same sentiment I remember him sharing a few years ago about the pregame tradition. "He's got to be smart enough to call heads or tails, and that's basically it."

"So then I though, should I get the biggest guy on the team? Or the littlest guy on the team? And then I thought, well Jamal Morrow was on The Price is Right, and was fairly lucky and went to the final round, and almost won the sucker."

"I figured, well Jamal Morrow is a lucky guy, plus he's got a pretty good energy to him and stuff like that, so why not Jamal Morrow? So Jamal Morrow has gone out, and he's got an amazing knack for winning the toss. He wins it almost all the time. I mean, literally, I'm serious about this. I'm not sure what his record is, but it's something incredible."

When Mike Leach is winning, there may be no more entertaining coach in college football, and when his team is losing his sound bytes are much different, but still highly entertaining.

Check out the video for more thoughts from Leach.

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— Aaron Levine (@AaronQ13Fox) October 25, 2016