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Mike Leach offers some writing advice to reporter critical of their offensive production

It is well documented that Mike Leach has one of the most fascinating backgrounds of any coach in college football's rich history.

Leach originally wanted to become a lawyer, but went on to graduate with a degree in American Studies, which explains his love on topics like History, pirates, and Geronimo. He also got a minor in English.

That minor in English came in handy yesterday, as a reporter asked Leach if he feels like the Mississippi State offense took a step backwards against Auburn last night in a 24-10 loss. You likely recall that Leach's Air Raid set all kinds of records in their season opening win over LSU, but they have not been the same since.

Leach's response directed a shot back at Clarion Ledger reporter Tyler Horka.

Leach's response included a direct offer to proofread the reporter's articles so he can "coach him up" and make sure Horka is not regressing in his writing abilities.

The exchange ended with Leach stating, "I look forward to seeing your articles."

See Leach's half of the conversation below, with some context from Horka.