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Mike Leach offers his thoughts on the best vacation destination, and a few other random topics

The only thing guaranteed when Mike Leach gets some time to talk is unpredictability, so The Players Tribune ran a feature today that fully capitalized on that called 5 Thoughts that Have Nothing to Do with Football.

It's the perfect format for Leach.

In the piece, Leach lets his free thoughts flow from topics like stories about raccoons, why the best sports movies tend to be about baseball and boxing in his opinion, and why he considers thin-crust the best kind of pizza (topped with plenty of cheese, Canadian bacon, black olives, and mushrooms).

As for vacation destinations, Leach explains that it doesn't get much better than Hawaii.

"Hawaii is awfully hard to beat as a vacation destination. Firstly, you’re across the ocean but there’s no border stuff or currency confusion, which gives it a big leg up. Beyond that, I’ve always thought Hawaii is more beautiful than advertised, more grand than advertised and more laid back than advertised. It definitely surpasses the hype, and there are not many places that do that."

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